USCET Wraps up Fall Programs in China

December 5, 2017


The US-China Education Trust (USCET) recently came back from a visit to China, where two of its major programs concluded for 2017 in Shanghai and Wuhan. USCET held a Data Journalism Workshop at Fudan University, and co-organized the annual Media Education Consortium (MEC) Conference at Wuhan University, where the winners of the Third Data Journalism Competition were announced.

USCET first traveled to Shanghai, where it coordinated a week-long data journalism workshop from November 12th to 16th at the Fudan School of Journalism. The workshop targeted young data journalists wishing to develop their skills in data acquisition, analysis, and visualization. Jonathan Soma, Director of Columbia University’s Lede Data Journalism Program, and Lü Yan, senior data editor at The Paper – a popular Chinese digital newspaper known for its online investigative reporting, led the workshop. At the conclusion of the program, USCET hosted an appreciation dinner to celebrate its years of collaboration with Fudan University.

From November 17th to 18th, USCET held its 9th MEC Conference at the Wuhan University School of Journalism and Communication. Keynote speakers, USCET consultant, Jonathan Soma, and Professors of Journalism at Wuhan University, Fang Jie and Wang Qiong, gave presentations in the morning. Winners of the Third Data Journalism Competition were announced in the afternoon. The grand prize went to Wuhan University students, Qi Hailian, Du Juncheng, and Shi Chenjin. The team wrote a piece on “Twenty Thousand Pieces of Data to Draw an Accurate Picture of the Rental Prices in Beijing.” The winning teams of the competition also had a chance to present their data journalism projects in front of their peers. Altogether, the 2017 MEC Conference served to elevate the profile and level of professionalism of the data journalism sector in China.