Sheng De Stefanis
Sheng De Stefanis


Program Director

Ye Sheng De Stefanis is the Program Director of US-China Education Trust. She oversees all program implementations and contributes to developing new initiatives.

Prior to joining USCET, Ye oversaw international media and education programs at the International Research and Exchanges Board. Her portfolio included programs that promote gender equality, foster partnership exchanges between media outlets, journalism associations and journalism schools; provide support for media legal defense and advocacy organizations; and facilitate capacity building of journalists and media outlets in Asia, Eurasia, Middle East, North and Southern Africa.  Earlier in her career, Ye worked in China and Lesotho on HIV and Malaria prevention programs targeting youth, injecting drug users, sex workers, and factory workers. Ye worked with women law practitioners in Albania and Indonesia on women’s legal rights, especially pertaining to domestic violence and access to the judiciary system. Ye started her development career in Tanzania, where she worked with a local NGO in preserving indigenous music and taught young Massai warriors conversational English.

Ye received an MA from American University in Comparative Regional Studies and International Development, focusing on Asia and Africa. Ye studied at Beijing University as part of her undergraduate program at American. As a student, Ye interned at CNNs Beijing Bureau and was a research fellow at the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. 

Ye is a native of Shanghai and speaks Mandarin and Shanghai dialect.