Beijing Foreign Studies University


Program Description

The Center of International Communication Studies (CICS) of BFSU was set up in 2006 in  response to China’s increasing demand for well-trained, English-proficient professionals in international journalism and communication. CICS offers well-rounded courses that integrate cutting-edge theories, practical skills, and English. Meanwhile, it also adopts an approach that encourages engagement both on and off the campus with student media and  through internships with leading news organizations. Great efforts are made to impart students with an excellent command of English, a broad range of professional skills and theoretical knowledge, and prepare them for future careers as journalists or public relations specialists in news organizations, multinational companies, international organizations, etc.


Participating Departments or Schools

  • Center for International Communication Studies
  • School of English and International Studies

School Address

2 North Xisanhuan Road
Haidian District

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MEC Contact

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Bao Jiannu 包建女

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Program Director(s)

  • Qiao Mu 乔木

Program Faculty

Liu Shicheng 刘仕诚, Li Zhurun 李竹润, Xiong Lei 熊蕾, Zhan Jiang 展江, Liu Chen 刘琛, Wang Keqin 王克勤, Zhai Zheng 翟峥

Graduate Courses

International Communication, Media Methodology, Environmental Reporting, Journalistic Writing, Opinion Writing, Media Ethics and Law, Media Theory, Investigative Reporting, Journalism Translation