Advisory Council Scholarship Recipients Graduate from SNU

July 17, 2018

The student recipients of USCET’s Advisory Council Scholarship Fund graduated from Sichuan Normal University (SNU) earlier this year. Over the last four years the five female students had been supported by members of USCET’s Advisory Council.

In their student reflections all the recipients expressed appreciation and gratefulness for the financial support they received during their studies. One of those students, Yue Huang, says she is extremely thankful for the help. 

“I’m very grateful for everything the China Opportunity Scholarship Award has brought to me,” she said.

“Not only the money, but also the encouragement and confidence it gives to me every day.”

Li Feng expressed a similar sentiment saying the award has had a significant impact on her studies.

“It has enabled me to attend training programs, attend lectures, purchase books and tools for learning,” Li said.

Liao Yi, Huang Yue, Shuwen Tan also all expressed their appreciation for the financial support.

The Advisory Council Scholarship Fund was established in early 2014 as USCET’s first four-year scholarship program. The Fund was designed to give female students from poor, rural areas a better chance of a higher education and to help them achieve a better future.

A slate of ten freshman candidates were nominated by SNU of which five scholarship recipients were selected. All the candidates were from poor farming families, but each of them had excellent high school records and high scores on the “Gaokao” exam.

One of the unique aspects of the program was that SNU kept all ten students together as a peer group to engender a sense of community and support since this was the first time many of the students were so far from home. It was also a gentle reminder to scholars that if their exam scores fell below a minimum standard, their scholarship would be pulled, and in fact two of the original scholarship recipients were replaced. Despite the competition however, many of the students have remained close and have even become very good friends.

Following their graduation, a special ceremony was held in late June at SNU celebrating these individuals. A number of people gave remarks including school officials and the scholarship recipients who all expressed their heartfelt thanks to SNU’s Women’s Research Center, the Ministry of Education, and to USCET for providing the scholarships.  

Professor Ji Min (嵇敏), director of the Women’s Research Center and the person who successfully coordinated and managed the scholarship throughout the last four years, also shared some advice and words of wisdom to the graduates as they prepare for the next chapter.

“I sincerely hope that you female college students will become self-reliant and strong leaders of the new era, that you will be noble and responsible to your society,” Ji said.  

“Do not forget your original intentions; continue to cultivate yourselves; strive to achieve your goals in life,” she said.

“This was our intention in setting up the scholarship.”

Many of the students already have plans lined up as several are pursuing further education while others have signed contracts at places like the Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School, the Real Estate Consultant Co., Ltd., and the Mianyang Industrial and Commercial Bank.   




所有的学生对于他们在学习期间获得的经济资助都表达了感谢。其中一位学生Huang Yue表示,她非常感谢得到的所有帮助与支持。



Li Feng也表示这份奖项对她的学习有很大帮助。


Liao Yi,Huang Yue,Shuwen Tan也都表达了他们对于咨询委员会奖学金给予的经济支持的感谢。