Ambassador Bloch Inducted into Excellence Hall of Fame

April 24, 2018

Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch was inducted into the Business Excellence Institute’s Hall of Fame earlier this month. A special ceremony honoring the Ambassador as well as two other inductees was held at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland on April 19, 2018.

Ambassador Bloch was recognized for her distinguished career in public service as well as her work in the corporate and non-profit sectors. 

Both Raomal Perera and Marie Lindsay were also inducted into the Excellence Hall of Fame. 

The BEX Hall of Fame award is given out annually by the Business Excellence Institute, which is a membership body headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with members in 32 countries on 5 continents. The Institute, "BEX" for short, is dedicated to helping people - and the organizations they work for - achieve outstanding results for all their stakeholders. It promotes business excellence as a multi-disciplinary profession, excellence in management, and the use of innovative approaches to personal and organizational development. It supports organizations ranging from small family businesses to federal governments with services being provided by its members. BEX is relatively new in China and is looking to build its membership there.



本月初,张之香大使的名字被列入卓越业绩协会(Business Excellence Institute)名人堂中。一场特殊的颁奖典礼在位于爱尔兰首都都柏林的谢尔本酒店举行,庆祝张大使等三人的成就。


Raomal Perera和Marie Lindsay也被列入了卓越名人堂。