Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch Featured in AmCham China Quarterly

January 10, 2020


USCET Founding President, Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, was profiled in AmCham China's Quarterly where she discussed the current state of US-China educational exchanges. In the article, Ambassador Bloch expresses her concerns with US-China government relations and the increasing pressures Chinese international students face while studying in the United States. However, she takes on an optimistic tone at the end of the article:

“We need to keep the channels in education and culture open, so that we can continue the dialogue, and support those opinions for the sake of stability,” she concludes. “We’re talking about win-win, about mutual interests. We’re not talking about the interests of one country against another. There’s no way we will agree with China all the time, because our systems are too different. But I think we can still find common ground.”

The full issue is available here. Ambassador Bloch's profile is featured on pages 28-30.