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Program Description

Communication (MA):

· Geared towards interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, communication theory and media study;

· Training for professionalism and creativity in communications study and  practice;

· Development for future careers in academic and private sectors

· Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2006; First 7 MA candidates accepted in 2007; First 7 MA candidates get their MA degree in 2009.

Broadcast and Television Journalism (BA):

· Help students to be professional in the Radio and TV industries;

· Help students develop their career as a reporter, editor, planner, agent and emcee in media, and lead to further study.

· Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2002; First students accepted in 2002; First students graduated in 2006; 60 students accepted each year since 2002.


Participating Departments or Schools

  • Department of Journalism and Communication
  • School of Arts and Communication

School Address

388 Lumo Road

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School Email

MEC Contact

Contact Name

Yu Jijun 喻继军

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Program Director(s)

  • Yu Ruixiang 余瑞祥

Program Faculty

Yu Ruixiang 余瑞祥, Yu Jijun 喻继军, Wang Dayuan 王大员, Zhang Meizhen 张梅珍, Xie Zhi 谢稚, Meng Ke 孟科, Xiao Feng 肖峰, Guo Lin 郭林, Peng Hongyan 彭红燕, Yuan Chao 袁朝, Dong Yuanxing 董元兴, Zhang Lijun 张立军

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Journalism Science, Introduction to TV and Broadcasting, Photographic Composition and Techniques, Techniques for Television Editing, Journalistic Ethics and Regulations, History of Chinese Journalism, History of International Communication, Movie and TV Language, Introduction to Communication, News Reviewing, English for Journalism, Public Relations, Web Communication, Network and Multimedia Technology, Language Art Expresses, Modern Chinese Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, News Gathering and Writing, TV Program Hosts, Broadcast Journalism Collection & Composition, TV Shooting and TV Images, TV News Gathering and Writing, TV Audio & Visual, Editing of TV programs, TV News Programs, Planning of TV Programs, Documentary Creation, Media Operation and Management

Graduate Courses

Communication Theories, Communication Research Methods, Media Management, Theory and Practice of TV and Broadcasting, Mass Media and Culture, Communication Theories History, Interpersonal Communication, Seminar on Arts and Communication, Internet Communication, Studies on Anchors, Studies on Journalist Ethics, Public Relations, Studies on Creation and Plan, Studies on News Editorial, Study on TV News, Studies on Editing and Publications, Advertising, Media Regulations and Ethics, Studies on Documentaries, Cross-Cultural Communication of TV Products, Studies on Marxist Journalism