Chinese Leaders in American Studies Fellowship

August 2014 to January 2016

Program Area:

The Chinese Leaders in American Studies (CLAS) Fellowship is designed to nurture Chinese academics in American Studies to improve the depth and sophistication of their teaching and study of the US, and ultimately, the quality of the Chinese public's understanding of America. CLAS Fellows will be drawn from various specialties within the broad discipline of American Studies so that their different backgrounds will widen each other's perspective to encompass a more complex, nuanced, and multi-dimensional view of the field.

Fellowship Details

Once accepted, CLAS Fellows will prepare and present a research paper at USCET's 2014 American Studies Network (ASN) conference, to be held in early December in Hangzhou, China

In the summer of 2015, CLAS Fellows will travel to Washington, DC to attend a three-week Summer Institute on American social history, including topics such as the assimilation of minority groups, civil rights, the US system of social welfare, and their domestic political context. Fellows will spend one week in DC and will then travel to one week to Philadelphia and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to visit historical sites central to understanding America's past. 

After returning to China, Fellows will work in teams to organize the 2015 ASN conference.

CLAS Fellows will also receive mentorship by a group of esteemed Chinese scholars of American Studies, who will provide guidance and feedback on Fellows' papers and serve as a resource for the Fellows.

CLAS Summer Institute

From July 12-30, 2015, USCET was delighted to host the CLAS Fellows for an extraordinary three-week program exploring Social History and Social Policy in the United States!  The specially-designed curriculum proivided unique opportunities to meet American leaders and policymakers, in-depth discussion in daily academic sessions, and rich site visits to government institutions, think tanks, and grassroots organizations.

See Summer Institute highlights and learn more about the CLAS program's impact HERE.

Congratulations to our 2015 CLAS Fellows! 



Chen Juebin

Affiliation: American Studies Center, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Research Focus: American diplomacy, US-China relations




Yangmu Fan

Affiliation: School of International Studies, Peking University

Research Focus: American Supreme Court; American constitutional politics




Xiaoli Fang

Affiliation: School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Sichuan University

Research Focus: American literature and culture; African-American women's novels




Junyang Li

Affiliation: China Foreign Affairs University

Research Focus: History of international relations; Chinese diplomacy




Dong Yu

Affiliation: Peking University & China International Economic Consultants

Research Focus: Trust industry; residential healthcare investment; pension governance; finance and investment




Hongyan Lv

Affiliation: Institute of American Studies, Northeast Normal University

Research Focus: American history; American welfare history




Lin Sun

Affiliation: Shanghai International Studies University

Research Focus: Afro-American Studies; Women's Studies; Environmental Justice Cultural Studies; American religion


Gong Ting

Affiliation: Peking University, School of International Studies

Research Focus: American foreign policy, US-China relations, China's peripheral security, energy security




Huiyun Tang

Affiliation: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Research Focus: International relations; US immigration; immigration legislation




Sun Xiu

Affiliation: Shandong Normal University

Research Focus: American Historical Sociology; American Politics; Social Movement Studies







  • Ford Foundation


  • Institute for China-US People-to-People Exchange at Peking University

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