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The School of Journalism and Communication of Lanzhou University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate journalism courses, which based on the teaching wide caliber, a solid basic knowledge and more attention to practice. The program is based on teaching the core skills needed to be a journalist: researching, reporting, interviewing and writing. Our course was updated this year to reflect the changing demands of the modern media age. Our aim is to give students the technical and creative skills they need to work in the media. Our school emphasizes not only how to be a good student but, more importantly, how to harness abilities and be a contributing member of society.

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  • School of Journalism and Communication

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9 West Jiayuguan Road, Lanzhou

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Xu Xiaoping 许小平

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86-931-8913736, 86-13519400905

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For the future development needs of the mass media businesses, industry specialist train students with vast knowledge of communication, radio and television and related skills. Our graduates should have the ability to undertake news interviews, writing, reporting, editing, hosting, and other related advanced skills in their career fields. They are reporters and editors on national and local newspapers, magazines, and news media websites.

Courses offered:
History of Chinese Journalism, History of Overseas Journalism, Introduction to Communication Studies, Journalism Theory, TV News Editing, Comment on Radio and Television News, News Writing, TV and Radio Program Production, etc.

Radio and Television Journalism
For the future development needs of radio and television news media, this program provides students with a high-level, specialized knowledge of communications, radio and television journalism and a broad range of cultural and scientific knowledge. Graduates engage in news gathering, writing, coverage , organizing, filming, production, planning and host radio and television management comments at all levels of radio, television and other departments.

Courses offered:
History of Chinese Journalism, International News History, Communication Studies, Information Theory, TV News Editing, Radio and Television News Commentary, Radio and Television News Writing, TV and Radio Program Production, etc.



Students focus on basic advertising theory and practical courses. Our program fosters students who not only possess the theoretical knowledge of advertizing,  practical skills and creativity, but also have wide base of scientific and cultural knowledge. Students familiarize themselves with China's press and publicity policies. The students become equipped with the skills and knowledge to work in the news, publishing, film and television, advertising sector, cultural industries etc.

Courses offered:
History of Advertising in China and Foreign Countries, Introduction to Communication Studies, Introduction to Advertising, Advertisement Design, Design and Production of Computer Advertising, Advertisement Writing, Advertising Photography and Video, Marketing, 3D Flash Animation, etc.

Network News

Specialty trainings engage students who have knowledge of new media, public relations, management of mass media qualified. In addition to professors, the students are fostered with excellent professional reporters, editors and professional staffs for newspapers, radio, television, news agencies and other news media, enterprises and business organizations.

Courses offered:
Journalism Theory, History of Chinese Journalism, History of International Journalism, Introduction to Communication Studies, News Interviewing and Writing, News Editing, Introduction to Journalism, Journalistic Ethics and Regulations.