Max Shulklapper supports current programs and new initiatives as a research assistant at the US-China Education Trust.
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Program & Communication Assistant

Max Shulklapper supports current efforts and new initiatives as a Program & Communication Assistant at the US-China Education Trust. Max conducts research on issues relevant to USCET’s programs, including US-China commercial relations, new media and data journalism in China, Hong Kong-Mainland relations, amongst others. He also edits and drafts reports, grant proposals and blog articles, as well as providing speechwriting support for Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch, the Founding President of USCET.

Max began studying the Chinese language in 2012, continuing his engagement with the language throughout his undergraduate studies at The George Washington University. Aside from regular classes focused on China, he spent several months in Taipei, developing a localized understanding of dynamics in East Asia. Additionally, Max studied at South Korea’s top-ranked Seoul National University in 2018, adding a regional dimension to his knowledge base.

In addition to assisting at USCET, Max is an undergraduate student majoring in International Affairs with a concentration on East Asia at The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.