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China Daily Profiles USCET President Ambassador Julia Chang Bloch

September 23, 2011

China Daily reporter Tan Yingzi interviewed Ambassador Bloch at the conclusion of USCET's Study of the US Institute on US Foreign Policy for East Asian Leaders and wrote up a profile called "In Education We Trust," appearing in the "People" section of both the China Daily USA and the China Daily Weekend Edition in China.

Excerpt from the article:

USCET Launches China Opportunity Scholarship Program at the Agricultural University of Hebei

September 22, 2011

USCET President Julia Chang Bloch and Director of Operations Stephen Smith visited Baoding, Hebei to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Agricultural University of Hebei.  According to the MOU, USCET will sponsor scholarships for five students each year.  Each student will receive a scholarship for their first two years of school.

Changing Media, Changing China Conference to be held at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou December 12-14, 2011

September 15, 2011

Led by Professor Susan Shirk, a leading China-scholar, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for EAP and editor of the recently published Changing Media, Changing China and Hu Shuli,editor of Caixin magazine, the conference will focus on how the commercialization of the media and growth of the Internet have changed China over the last 30 years.

USCET Welcomes 20 East Asian Student Leaders from China, Japan, and Korea for the 2011 Study of the US Institute on US Foreign Policy

July 23, 2011

USCET is excited to host the Study of the US Institute on US Foreign Policy for East Asian Leaders for the second year in a row.  This year's program will be directed by Dr. Balbina Hwang, of Georgetown University.