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Program Description

American Social and Cultural Studies Center is mainly responsible for the teaching and research of American Studies in China Foreign Affairs University, with social and cultural studies as the focus.

The M.A. program of American Studies in the Department of English and International Studies of China Foreign Affairs University was created in 1998. The program covers a wide research area concerning American Studies. All the courses are conducted in English offered by Chinese faculty members and visiting professors from the U.S. Since 1999, this program has sent 7 senior professors to the U.S. as Fulbright scholars and 8 young faculty members as Fulbright M.A. students, who all received a 2-year education in the U.S. concentrating on certain areas in American Studies.  Each year approximately 15 M.A. students are enrolled in the program. In addition to the core faculty members, lectures are given by U.S. Fulbright scholars and other guest professors from the U.S. and elsewhere. Over the past two decades, the program has graduated nearly  200 M.A. degree holders.


Participating Departments or Schools

  • American Social and Cultural Studies Center
  • Department of English and International Studies

School Address

24 Zhanlan Road
Beijing 100037

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Program Director(s)

  • Sun Jisheng 孙吉胜

Program Faculty

Hu Shuijuan 胡水娟, Ma Xing 马兴, Mei Qiong 梅琼, Shi Yi  石毅, Song Aiqun 宋爱群, Wang Hui 王惠, Wang Zhenling 王振玲, Wei Hongchi 尉洪池, Wei Lamei 魏腊梅, Yang Liu 杨柳, Yang Yue 杨悦, Yu Danling 于丹翎, Zhang Lei 张蕾, Zhang Xiaoli 张晓立, Zuo Xiaoyuan 左晓园

Undergraduate Courses

American Society and Culture, American Politics, American history, American Foreign Policy.

Graduate Courses

American Ethnic Studies, American Foreign Policy, American Law Studies, International Relations: theories and practice in the U.S., American literature, Topical Discussion of American History

Other Details

The center has a rich collection of books and magazines in American Studies in various fields concerning the U.S., such as politics, religion, education and the law. Numerous books were donated by visiting professors and faculty members who have studied at American universities.