Chongqing Technology and Business University


Program Description

The Pass College at Chongqing Technology and Business University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Each year, about 100 students are enrolled as English majors. The school offers English majors courses in English, such as Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, English Writing, and English Speaking.  It also has courses on American and English Literature, Introduction to English Speaking Countries and Cross-Cultural Communication. These courses are taught by a professor and two lecturers.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Pass College

School Address

No. 593 Jiaotong Street
Hechuan District

School Address - Chinese


School Telephone


Program Director(s)

  • Xu Chongning 徐重宁

Program Faculty

Liu Jie 刘杰, He Haiping 贺海萍

Undergraduate Courses

American Literature, Introduction to English-speaking Countries, Cross-Cultural Communication, Selective Reading of American Literature

Other Details

Over 100 titles represent the core collection in American  Studies, a result of a project called “Publication Project  of American Studies Network Members in China from  2000-2007” sponsored by the US-China Education Trust. The library also has a number of titles about American literature,  American culture, and American history.