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Program Description

The Center for American Studies (CAS), established in 1985, is one of the major research institutions for American studies in China. Professor Xie Xide, the late President of Fudan University and founding director of the CAS, made exceptional contributions to the establishment and development of the Center.

In December 2000, the CAS was designated by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a National Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in China, focusing on American Studies. In September 2006, the CAS was designated by Ministry of Education as a State Center of American Studies in Innovative Research of Philosophy and Social Sciences.  The Ministry of Education and Fudan University have provided financial support to the CAS.

The CAS has been greatly facilitated by support from the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program under the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID). This support has been received through the Fudan Foundation in Washington, D.C., which has also established a "Xie Xide Scholarship," in memory of the late President’s tremendous efforts in promoting friendship between China and the United States.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Center for American Studies

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220 Han Dan Road

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Program Director(s)

  • Shen Dingli 沈丁立

Program Faculty

Cai Cuihong 蔡翠红, Liu Yongtao 刘永涛, Ni Shixiong 倪世雄, Pan Rui 潘锐, Pan Yaling 潘亚玲, Shen Dingli 沈丁立, Song Guoyou 宋国友, Tu Yichao 涂怡超, Wang Xiaofeng 汪晓风, Wang Yiwei 王义桅, Wu Xinbo 吴心伯, Xin Qiang 信强, Xu Yihua 徐以骅, Zhang Jiadong 张家栋, Zhu Mingquan 朱明权

Graduate Courses

American Foreign Policy, Arms Control and Non-proliferation, Comparative Studies of the International Relations Theories, Congress and American Foreign Affairs, Congress and Sino-American Relations, Contemporary America, Defense of World Powers, International Security: Theory and Practice, Non-proliferation and International Security, Science/Technology and International Security, Western International Relations Theories

Other Details

The CAS library is the repository for a large collection of materials on American studies. Supported by the University, the Fudan Foundation, American institutions such as the Liberty Bell Foundation, and American individuals including the late Theodore H. White, a renowned American political scientist, and Nelson Yuan-sheng Kiang of MIT and Harvard University etc., the CAS library now has over 20,000 volumes of books in English; 3,000 volumes of Chinese books; 38 English journals; 2 English newspapers; 74 Chinese journals; and 20 Chinese newspapers. The CAS has also an Arms Control Information Center, and is building a database of United States Information System, and is building electronic library service.