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Program Description

The American Studies Center in the English Department of GDUFS was launched in the 1990s. To meet the needs of familiarizing Chinese students with American culture, the Center has compiled its own textbooks of American Literature and American Society and Culture for undergraduates majoring in English Language and Culture (the former by Zhou Jingqiong and others, while the latter by Zhou Jingqiong alone).

After years of development, the Center’s staff now provides courses in American Literature and American Culture to over 300 undergraduates each year.  For the coming semester (fall 2008) a new course is being offered: Novels of Initiation and American Culture.  In addition, the Center has also expanded to the graduate level, offering courses in American Literature, Modern American Fiction, Literary Theories, American Poetry, etc., to graduate students majoring in English and American Literature. For the purpose of academic exchanges, the Center occasionally hosts American Studies conferences and invites visiting scholars from all over the world.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • American Studies Center
  • Faculty of English Language and Culture
  • School of Legal Studies

School Address

No. 2 North Baiyun Road

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Program Director(s)

  • Kong Qingshan 孔庆山

Program Faculty

Du Yinyin 杜寅寅, Feng Wei 冯蔚, Guan Jianming 管建明, Han Rui 韩锐,Jiang Li 姜利 , Kong Qingshan孔庆山,Shi Aiguo施爱国,Hu Wentao胡文涛,Chen Hanxi陈寒溪

Undergraduate Programs

Departments of Diplomacy and International Politics, School of Legal Studies has 4 members of Chinese American History Association, and offers courses on American history and culture, American foreign relations, Sino-American relations, American government to both graduate and undergraduate students. The American history, culture and diplomacy course is open to all university students. There are about 400 undergraduate students enrolled in this course each semester.

Graduate Courses

American Literature, Contemporary Literary Theory, American Society and Culture, American Poetry, American Fiction

Other Details

To maximize the benefits of the Center’s library resources, it has been merged with the Staff Reading  Room recently, so that all resources are open to the teaching staff.

*Last Updated October 2014