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Program Description

Association of American Studies of Guizhou University was established in 2005. At first, it was an informal gathering attended by several teachers, who were interested in American Studies. The Association offers courses on American culture and American Literature for undergraduates. The Association also runs some training programs annually for Guizhou provincial government officials, who are going to study in American universities (for both short and long-term stays).

Participating Departments or Schools

  • College of Foreign Languages
  • Association of American Studies

School Address

Huaxi, Guiyang
Guizhou 550025

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Program Director(s)

  • Li Jian 李健

Program Faculty

Li Jian 李健, Zhang Qing 张清, Huang Yanhua 黄艳华, Zhou Lin 周林, Qu Yu 屈宇, Ning Mei 宁梅, Hu Feifei 胡非非

Undergraduate Courses

American culture, American Literature

Other Details

A collection of over 300 volumes of books concerning American Studies, which were donated by the American Embassy, American teachers and faculty members of the Association.