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Program Description

Attached to the College of Foreign Languages and Culture at Inner Mongolia University, the program started recruiting MA candidates in 1994. The number of candidates who focus on American studies has been increasing, from two candidates to more than twenty candidates.  Prominent scholars both at home and abroad are invited to deliver lectures on American literature, American politics, Sino-U.S. relations and American history each year. Teachers are sent to the U.S. universities to study. In recent years, steps have been taken to reinforce the coordination and communications with American Studies institutions both in and outside Inner Mongolia to pool all kinds of resources relating to American studies.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • American Studies Center
  • Foreign Language Department

School Address

South Campus, No. 24 Zhaojun Road
Yuquan District

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Program Director(s)

  • Li Cuiyun 李翠云

Program Faculty

Jia Haoquan 贾浩泉, Li Huirong 李慧荣, Wang Jianjun  王建军,Wang Songtao 王松涛, Yang Jian 杨剑,  Kong Lingyu 孔令宇, Wang Yan 王燕, Liang Junqing 梁俊青, Zhao Jianhong 赵剑宏, Wei Yumei 魏玉梅, Wen Jun 温军


Graham Hodges, Allan Kulikoff, Xu Bingxun 徐炳勋


Undergraduate Courses

American Literature, Survey of America, History of American Literature, Selected Readings of American Literature

Graduate Courses

American Society and Culture, American Literature,  American Drama, American History, History of American  Literature, Selected Readings of American Literature,  Sino-American Relations, American Literary Studies,  American Poetry

Other Details

Library Resources:

Roughly 200 books related to American Studies