Jinan University


Program Description

The M.A. program at Jinan University’s American Studies Center was created in 2006 through the efforts of Professor Wu Jin-ping and his colleagues. It focuses on American politics. Because the M.A. program is still in its initial stage, it can not offer all necessary courses covering American politics, and each year only 3-4 students are enrolled in the program. In addition, only four teachers have received short-term training at American universities. Each year, more than 20 lectures are given by the core faculty members, by consulate officials and by guest professors from the U.S. and elsewhere.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Center for American Studies

School Address

2nd Social Science Building 4F
No. 601, West Huangpu Avenue

School Address - Chinese


Program Director(s)

  • Wu Jinping 吴金平

Program Faculty

Wu Jinping 吴金平, Zhang Zhenjiang 张振江, Chen Yiping 陈奕平, Qin Shan 秦珊, Guo Youxin 郭又新, Gong Zexuan 龚泽宣, Zhang Mingliang 张明亮, Chen Jianrong 陈建荣

Undergraduate Courses

Modern America, American History, Sino-U.S. Relations

Graduate Courses

American Politics, American Internal Affairs and Foreign Policy, International Theories in America, Immigrants and Asian-American Studies

Other Details

The library has an additional 1500+ titles on various fields concerning the U.S., which were bought by the library or donated by the American Consulate, by Fulbright professors and by faculty members who have visited American universities.