Luoyang Foreign Languages University

Program Description

Luoyang Foreign Languages University created its postgraduate American Studies program in 1986. The program offers courses in American History, American Intellectual History, American Society and Culture, American Politics, American Economics, and International Relations Theories. Each year, approximately ten students receive an M.A. degree from the program; it is one of the few M.A. programs in China which offers all courses in English. In addition, undergraduates with an English concentration have access to several introductory American Studies courses.

In 2001, the university introduced a new doctoral program in American Studies. Two students have received a Ph. D. degree from the program, and currently there are five candidates enrolled. The program faculty members consist of ten professors and associate professors.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • American Studies Center

School Address

P.O.Box 036-30
Henan 471003

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Program Director(s)

  • Pan Zhigao 潘志高

Program Faculty

Xu Jia 许嘉, Wang Yulan 王玉兰, Li Zhidong 李志东, Jiang Xinxue 江心学, Ye Fanmei 叶凡美, Xiao Huan 肖欢,  Pan Weijuan 潘蔚娟, Wu Chengyi 吴承义, Liu Xiangdong  刘向东, Ji Wenyu 纪文宇, Song Xiaodong 宋晓东, Cao Songqing 曹松青

Undergraduate Courses

American History, Western Civilization, American Military Strategy, World History, Western Philosophy

Graduate Courses

American Politics and Economics, American Society and Culture, American Literature, International Law, International Relations Theory, International Political Economy, Approaches to American History, American Public Policy, American Diplomatic History, American Military History, American Military Strategy

Other Details

LFLU subscribes to thirty important American newspapers and journals, including The New York Times, Foreign Affairs, American Studies, National Interest, etc. There are also about 5,000 copies of books concerning various aspects of the United States in the library.