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Program Description

The M.A. program for American Studies in the Department of English at Nanjing University was created in 1998. In 2008, the program admitted 2 Ph. D. students majoring in American Studies with Prof. Jiang Ningkang as the advisor in the department. The program offers all courses in English, and each year the department invites some guest American professors to teach core courses, such as Cold War & American Films and American Literature. Student enrollment has increased since the program started and over the past years, about 50 graduates have obtained M.A. degrees in the field of American Studies. The faculty is particularly strong in the research of American literature and culture with more than 100 articles and essays published in both Chinese and English and some books, such as a 4-volume book, A New History of American Literature, by Liu Haiping, Wang Shouren, Zhu Gang, Yang Jingcai, et al. (2002); An Interpretation of Contemporary American Culture by Jiang Ningkang (2005); and Literature and National Identity in Contemporary American by Jiang Ningkang (2008), winning academic awards and critical attention.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Center for American Studies
  • School of Foreign Studies

School Address

22 Hankou Road

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Program Director(s)

  • Jiang Ningkang

Program Faculty

Wang Shouren, Liu Haiping, Zhu Gang, Yang Jingcai, Zhao Wenshu, He Ning, Yao Yuan, Zhu Xuefeng

Undergraduate Courses

American Society and Culture, American History, American Literature, Contemporary American Culture, American Consumer Culture, Western Civilization

Graduate Courses

Introduction to American Studies, American Literature, Cultural Media in America, American History, Cold War and American Films, American Poetry and Fiction, Globalization and Sino-American Relations, American Literary Canon-making

Other Details

Over 1,000 titles represent the core collection in American Studies in the school library. The university library has an additional 2,000+ titles on various fields concerning the U.S., which were donated by the Asia Foundation, the American Embassy, Fulbright professors and faculty members who have visited American universities.