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Program Description

The Institute of American History and Culture of Nankai University has its origin in the American History Research Section established in 1964 as the first of its kind in China by Professor Yang Shengmao. Professor Yang received his M.A. at Stanford university in the 1940s with Thomas Bailey, the diplomatic historian as his adviser. Professor Yang is also one of the contributing editors of The Journal of American History.
The Institute initiated a graduate program in American history in 1981 and a Ph. D. program in 1984 and, as a result, has become the first institution in the country to grant both M.A. and Ph. D. degrees in American history. Each year. the Institute enrolls 3-4 Ph. D. and 5-6 M.A. students from all over the country. Since the Institute’s founding, more than 70 students have graduated with M.A. degrees and more than 20 with doctoral degrees, all in American history.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Institute of American History and Culture
  • College of History

School Address

94 Weijin Road

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Program Director(s)

  • Zhao Xuegong 赵学功

Program Faculty

Han Tie 韩铁, Yang Lingxia 杨令侠, Zhao Xuegong 赵学功, Xiao Jun 肖军, Zhang Juguo 张聚国, Luo Xuan, 罗宣, Ding Jianmin 丁见民, Fu Chengshuang 付成双

Graduate Courses

American History, American Government and Politics; American Economy; American Society and Culture; American Diplomacy and International Politics; American Constitution, Law, and Judiciary; Religion and American Society; American Race Relations

Other Details

Our library contains about 30,000 books, both in Chinese and in English, on various aspects of America, including the public papers of Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. We also have bought some microfilms, such as the Statutes at Large, the U.S. Department of State’s Secret File on the Affairs of the Far East, and the public papers of the Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon on civil rights.