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Program Description

The Institute of American Studies was first started in 1979 as the Section of American History in the Department of History. In 1981, Professor Ding Zemin and others successfully applied for an M.A. program on American History, which began to accept graduates in the following year. Four years later, a Ph. D. program focusing on American History was granted and the first group of Ph. D. students was enrolled. Faculty members included Professor Ding Zemin, Wang Guizheng, Tian Xiguo, Wang Xu and Bian Linan. The first librarian was Ye Wei, who was later replaced by Hu Jinshan.

With the authorization of Northeast Normal University, the Institute of American History was set up. In 1999, with the agreement of Northeast Normal University, the Institute was renamed as the Institute of American Studies, and faculty membership was extended to research fellows in non-history fields. Since 1981, more than twenty doctoral students and forty M.A. students graduated from the Institute. Currently more than thirty graduates are in M.A. programs and another twenty are in the  Ph. D. program.

During the past dozen years, the Institute hosted five telephone-academic conferences with American scholars; invited American Fulbright scholars to give lectures annually; and established long-term relationships with the University of Wisconsin and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Edwards, respectively. More than forty academic visits were made to universities in the U.S., Japan, Austria, Australia, and Hong Kong to attend international academic conferences and seminars, or to conduct academic research as Fulbright scholars or visiting scholars.

The Institute is one of the founding institutions that created the American Historical Research Association of China in 1979 and is one of the members of the Chinese Association of American Studies, which is a multi-disciplinary academic organization. Since 1996, the Institute sponsored or co-sponsored with the Institute of American Studies of CASS several seminars and international symposia. Looking forward into the future, the Institute of American Studies welcomes any form of academic communication and cooperation with institutions of higher learning in and outside China.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Institute of American Studies
  • School of History and Culture

School Address

5268 Renmin Street
Jilin 130024

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Program Director(s)

  • Liang Maoxin 梁茂信

Program Faculty

Sun Qunlang, Gao Song 高嵩, Yu Qun 于群, Li Ye 李晔, Dong Xiaochuan 董小川

Undergraduate Courses

American History, U.S. Immigration History, History of U.S. Urbanization, U.S. Diplomatic History, Sino-U.S. Relations

Graduate Courses

Important issues in American History, American Diplomatic History, U.S. Ecclesiastical History, U.S. Immigration History, U.S. Urban History, U.S. Regional History of Economic Development, U.S. Political History, U.S. Economic History, American Cultural History, American Policies for Manpower Training and Employment.

Other Details

In addition to the University library where there are nearly two thousand books and magazines for reference, the Institute of American Studies has its own library in which nearly four thousand titles are in the collection. These publications in the library came from three sources. First, some were donated by U.S. visiting scholars, either on university exchange programs or on Fulbright programs. Secondly, the university allocated limited funding to subscribe to publications. Thirdly, former faculty members of our Institute donated their personal collections to the library.