Renmin University of China


Program Description

The School of International Studies at Renmin University of China (RUC) was founded in April 2000, based on the reorganization and integration of the teaching and research faculty. With comprehensive courses in International Studies and a first-rate faculty, the School gained nationwide recognition for political science, for cultivating talent in international affairs, and for related teaching and research in International Studies. The program places special emphasis on American politics and American foreign policy with the objective of providing students with a deep understanding of American political systems and foreign policy.  The school continues to strengthen this program through cooperation with domestic and international and universities.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Center of American Studies
  • School of International Studies

School Address

Zhongguancun Street 59
Haidian District

School Address - Chinese


Program Director(s)

  • Shi Yinghong 时殷弘

Program Faculty

Jin Canrong 金灿荣, Li Qingsi 李庆四, Shi Yinhong 时殷弘

Undergraduate Programs

American Politics and Economy, U.S. Diplomacy and Sino-U.S. Relations, Modernized Road of the U.S.A., American Political Systems and Political Culture

Other Details

The School of International Studies has a large library, but only a small collection of English language resources.