Shanghai International Studies University


Program Description

The American Studies Center at Shanghai International Studies University offers American Studies programs for students of English at the B.A. and M.A. levels, all taught in English. Over the past decade, the Center has been making vigorous efforts to expand its program. In recent years, a number of research projects have been undertaken in such areas as American Women Studies, African-American Studies, and American Muslim Communities with funds from various sources, including Fulbright programs, the American Starr Foundation and the Shanghai International Studies University.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • American Studies Center
  • College of English Language and Literature

School Address

550 West Dalian Road

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Program Director(s)

  • Wang Enming 王恩铭

Program Faculty

Wang Enming 王恩铭, Lin Ling 林玲, Gao Jian 高健, Wu Qiyao 吴其尧, Qiao Guoqiang 乔国强,Li Shanghong 李尚宏, Zhang Xinbing 张新彬, Sun Lin 孙麟, Sun Yan 孙艳

Undergraduate Courses

American Society and Culture, American History, the U.S. Survey, American Literature, American Film Studies, American Literary Criticism

Graduate Courses

American Culture, Introduction to American Studies, American Politics, American Women Studies, U.S. Diplomatic History, American Intellectual History, Modern American Fiction, American Poetry, American Literature

Doctoral Courses
Introduction to American Studies, American Women  Studies

Other Details

Areas of interest and research focuses of the Faculty
Wang Enming, Professor: American Culture; American History, and American Women Studies;
Lin Ling, Associate Professor: American Diplomatic History, American Politics, American Muslim studies;
Gao Jian, Lecturer: American Intellectual Hisotry, American Poetry, and American Politics;
Zhang Xinbing, Lecturer: American Feminist Studies and Ethnic Studies;
Sun Lin, Assistant Lecturer: American Religion, Feminist Studies, and American Cultural Studies;
Sun Yan, Lecturer: American Literature/Law
Wu Qiyao, Professor: American Literature, with focus on contemporary writers;
Qiao Guoqiang, Professor: Jewish American Literature
Li Shanghong, Associate Professor: American Drama

Library Resources
The library has a good collection of books and reference  materials on the U.S., ranging from American History,  American Politics, Feminism, and American Literature to  Cultural Studies. Additionally, there are also book donations from the Asia Foundation, the U.S. Consulate  General in Shanghai, Fulbright professors, and faculty members.