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Program Description

CGS is an international, interdisciplinary, and multilingual faculty who has been academically trained in North American, Europe and Asian Pacific.

Our teaching and research program provides liberal arts electives to the students of the entire university designed to advance academic training, improve thinking skills and habits, broaden intellectual horizons, and enhance perceptual sensitivity. We believe that the liberal arts are an essential part of a college education; therefore we provide a thematically and methodologically integrated academic program of humanities and social sciences that includes reflections upon the natural sciences.

We teach with the conviction that an interdisciplinary education in STU should: encourage students to become rigorous independent thinkers; cultivate students to be socially responsible local and global citizens; explore multiple ways of knowing and learning; and enhance students’ study in their major subjects.

As a Humanities and Social Sciences oriented faculty, CGS offers courses in Anthropology, History, Media and Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Digital Humanities. Many of our courses focus on different aspects of the USA, or relate to it in comparative or other thematic ways. We emphasize student-centered, active learning in our teaching, and provide our classes in forms of seminar, interactive lecture, and independent study. Our courses all use multi-media and e-learning or hybrid learning to enhance content learning and new literacy training, which has become more and more important to our students’ future. CGS courses are conducted in English, Chinese or bilingual formats.

We look forward to participating in ASN activities, and learning from and collaborating with all our colleagues in the network.


Participating Departments or Schools

  • Center for Global Studies (CGS)

School Address

243 Daxue Road
Guangdong 515063

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Program Faculty

Karsten Krueger (瞿开森)Wyman Kwok (郭伟文)Stephen Leahy (史棣)、 James McDougall (麦剑辉) Kelly Nicholson、孙金峰(Jinfeng SUN)王雨函 (Yuhan WANG)Wuming Zhao (赵无名) 

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Contemporary America; A Social History of American Art; Postwar American History; The US Political System; Great Books: American Classics; Thursday Night at the Movies; Introduction to Comparative Cultural Studies; Gender, Race, and Class in Popular Culture; Multicultural America Through History, Literature and Film; American Foreign Policy and US-China Relations; Introduction to European and American Anthropology; and Independent Study Projects.

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