Shanxi University


Program Description

Attached to School of Foreign Languages of Shanxi University, the program will begin recruiting M.A. candidates from 2009. Six to ten graduate students are supposed to be enrolled annually to specialize in American Studies. The focus of the program is on studying U.S. history, history of Sino-American relations from interdisciplinary perspectives. In recent years, steps have been taken to reinforce its communications with American Studies institutions both in and outside China.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • American Studies Center
  • Foreign Languages School

School Address

92 Wucheng Road
Taiyuan City
Shanxi 030006

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Program Director(s)

  • Yan Yuhua 闫玉华

Program Faculty

Yan Yuhua 闫玉华, Su Jiangli 苏江丽


Undergraduate Courses

American Culture and Society

Graduate Courses

Introduction to American Studies; Major Issues in U.S. History; History of Sino-American Relations; Methods and Approaches