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Program Description

In early 1980s, the Department set up a research center for the history of international relations, which Professor Arnold Jiang Xiangze headed, with professors WU Jipeng, LI Subi, LIANG Biying as the faculty members. The Center focused on the studies of Sino-American Relations. From then on, the center developed a M.A. program of Sino-American Relations. Since 1987, the center began to enroll Ph. D. students. Over the past two decades, 13 persons have earned Ph. D. degrees, and more than 50 have earned M.A. degrees.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Program for History of Sino-American Relations
  • Department of History

School Address

135 Xingangxi Road

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Program Director(s)

  • Zhu Weibin 朱卫斌

Program Faculty

Zhu Weibin 朱卫斌, Pan Yinin 潘一宁, Li Aili 李爱丽, Wen Qiang 温强 

Undergraduate Courses

History of Sino-American Relations, American Policy toward China and the Issue of Taiwan, History of the Modern World, History of International Relations, Theories of International Relations.

Graduate Courses

Methodology of History of Sino-American Relations, Issue Studies of History of Sino-American Relations, Selected Readings of the Classics of History of Sino-American Relations, History of American diplomacy, History of Cold War, History of Overseas Chinese in America, American history.

Other Details

The University library is one of the largest and best libraries in Southern China, with numerous collections related to American studies.