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Program Description

The M.A. programs of International Relations and International Politics at Tongji University’s College of Law and Politics were created in 2003 through the efforts of Professor Wu Qidi, the former President of Tongji University. Each year, approximately 12-14 students are enrolled in the programs. In addition to the core faculty members, lectures are given by other individuals and by guest professors from the U.S. and other countries, as well as Chinese universities.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • Center for American Studies
  • School of Political Science and International

School Address

1239 Siping Road

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Program Director(s)

  • Xia Liping 夏立平
  • Qiu Huafei 仇华飞

Program Faculty

Xia Liping 夏立平, Qiu Huafei 仇华飞, Wang Chuanxing 王传兴, Wang Peng 王鹏, Qiu Meirong 邱美荣, Zhong Zhenming 钟振明, Sha Weidong 沙卫东,Jiang Yicheng 蒋一澄, Shen Hongbo 沈洪波, Luo Pengbu 罗鹏部, Su Ping 苏平, Lv Rui 吕蕊, Song Lilei 宋黎磊

Undergraduate Courses

American Economy and Politics, American History and Culture, American Diplomatic History since 1945, Sino-U.S. Relations, World History, Contemporary American Society and Education.

Graduate Courses

American Foreign Policy Since 1945, Contemporary Sino-American Diplomatic Relations, Contemporary American Economy and Politics, American History and Culture, The United States and European Unions.

Other Details

Over 50 titles represent the core collection in American Studies.  The University library also has an additional 1,000 titles on various fields related to the United States.