Xi’an International Studies University


Program Description

The M.A. program in American Studies at Xi’an International Studies University was launched in the early 1990s. Initially, only a couple of professors, such as Zhang Yalun, Dong Aiguo and Du Ruiqing, taught the relevant courses. During the beginning stage, student enrollment was limited. In the following years, with the return of some Chinese faculty members who had furthered their studies as visiting scholars in the United States, both the number of courses and the student enrollment increased. Now, each year up to 17 students are enrolled in the program. Lectures are given by the core faculty members, as well as occasional guest professors from other universities from both China and abroad. Over these years, approximately 150 students have graduated and received M.A. degreed, among whom many are playing an important role in the field of American Studies at different universities.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • American Studies Center
  • School of English Studies

School Address

P.O. Box 81, 1 South Wenyuan Road, Chang’an District

School Address - Chinese

西安市郭杜教育科技产业开发区文苑南路1号 81号信箱

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Program Faculty

Ma Li 马丽, Wang Xiaolun 王小伦, Dong Aiguo, Wang  Jiuping 王九萍, Wang Xiaohong 王晓红, Feng Hongyu,  Wu Xiaoping 吴小平, Luo Jie 罗洁, Li Yang 李洋, Zuo  Yanhong 左艳红, Han Linye 韩林烨

Undergraduate Courses

American History, American Society and Culture, History of American Literature, Selected Readings in American Literature, American Women Literature, and Introduction to Western Civilization

Graduate Courses

American History, American Political System, American Society and Culture, International Political Economy, The  Concept of Nature in the Western Tradition, History of  the American Frontier, American Women’s Studies, The  Study of American Migrant History, Readings in Ameri can Culture

Other Details

The library has a collection of over 1,400 titles in various  fields relating to the United States, which were donated  by Bowling Green State University, Fulbright scholars,  faculty members and VIP alumni. The library also subscribes to a dozen academic journals concerning  American Studies