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Program Description

The Institute of American History of Xiamen University, established in 1999, is now one of the most promising American Studies programs in Southern China. It focuses on research and a graduate program. Most of the research, usually funded by national research foundations, has been on American cities and regions from a historical perspective; American intellectual history; American diplomatic history; Sino-American relations; and contemporary America. The Institute of American History is also the host institution for the Secretariat of the American Historical Research Association of China (AHRAC), which publicizes The China Journal of American History. The Institute of American History has seven faculty members and has offered programs that lead to M.A. and Ph. D. degrees, in addition to a post-doctoral program.

There are 30 masters students, 13 doctoral students, and a post-doctoral research fellow presently studying at the Institute. The faculty members specializing in American literature, economics, and politics in other departments will probably join the Institute shortly, when it officially becomes a “Center”. The overriding goal of the Institute is to maximize the potential of Xiamen University to serve as a center of research and scholarship in American Studies in southeast China.


Participating Departments or Schools

  • Institute of American History
  • College of the Humanities

School Address

Fujian 361005

School Address - Chinese

中国福建 厦门 厦门大学

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Program Director(s)

  • Wang Xu 王旭

Program Faculty

Wang Xu 王旭, Hu Jinshan 胡锦山, Sheng Jia 盛嘉, Han Yu 韩宇, Luo Sidong 罗思东, Fan Hongda 范鸿达,  Li Li 李莉

Undergraduate Courses

U.S. History, American Urban History, History of Westward Movements in the U.S., American Intellectual History, History of Sino-American Relations, History of Historiography in the U.S.

Graduate Courses

American History I: Colonial Times to 1900, American History II: 1900 to the Present, Topics in American History, American Urban History, American Economic History, American Intellectual History, American Diplomatic History, History of Sino-American Relations, History of Historiography in the U.S.

Other Details

Over 3,000 volumes of books and journals on the history, economy, politics, literature and culture of the Unites States are found in the library of Xiamen University. In addition, there are many online database resources at Xiamen University, such as EBSCO, Gale, LEXIS-NEXIS, ProQuest Digital Dissertations, Kluwer Online, WorldCat, ArticleFirst, Wilson Select and GPO, which are very helpful in researching American Studies.