American Studies Network (ASN) Partnerships

The American Studies Network (ASN) is a group of more than 50 schools with programs and centers of American Studies. USCET supports the ASN by sponsoring programs throughout China to strengthen and expand the teaching of American Studies and understanding of the United States. Institutions based in China and Hong Kong with established or developing American Studies programs are eligible to join the ASN. Click for information on how to join.




Media Education Consortium (MEC) Partnerships

The Media Education Consortium (MEC) brings together nearly 40 of China's leading schools of journalism and communications. The objective of the MEC is to connect top journalism schools in China and enable them to utilize common resources to enrich curricula and exchange ideas; as well as to enable journalism educators to exchange ideas, support each other, and connect with practitioners from both the domestic and international media to promote journalistic excellence. Click for information on how to join.




USCET Supporters

USCET would not be able perform our transformational work without the gracious provision of our supporters, many of whom have stood by from the beginning.