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What is American Studies? The American Studies Association defines the field as a wide range of academic disciplines that, taken together, describe the cultures of the United States. USCET aims to support the development of the American Studies field as a substantive and recognized academic discipline in China. This goal is an important part of USCET's broader mission to promote US-China relations through education and exchange for China's next-generation leaders.

A key vehicle in USCET's work in American Studies is the American Studies Network, a consortium of Chinese academic institutions that offer American Studies programming. Since its formation in 2004, the network has grown to 53 academic institutions and plays a key role in bringing together scholars and students. The American Studies Network holds an Annual Meeting in China and convenes international conferences focusing on topical issues in American Studies.


January 2011 to Present

Program Goal:

To provide a space to create a community and interactions that allow Chinese audiences to better understand the United States, its culture, society, government, language, law, economic system, and values.