ASN Annual Conferences and Events

June 2004 to Present

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Program Goal

To give scholars of American Studies a chance to come together to network, share research, and develop joint projects

The ASN Annual Conference gives scholars of American Studies, both from China and the greater Asian region, a chance to come together to network, share research, and develop joint projects.  Participants come from universities throughout China, and graduate students are also encouraged to submit papers for graduate students panels, and attend other sessions of the conference to further their own scholarship. Distinguished speakers from the US are also invited to participate as speakers and panelists.

The conference rotates annually around China, and has been held in Chengdu, Changchun, Kunming, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bejiing, and Wuxi.


USCET also provides a comprehensive collection of past papers from our 2006 and 2010 ASN Annual Conferences, as well as information on our publications, free electronic PDFs of publications, and discounted rates on hard copies of the most recent ASN conference publication, The Power of Culture. Click here for more information.


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USCET还提供了2006年和2010年ASN年度会议的论文,出版物的信息,免费的出版物电子版本(PDF)以及ASN最新出版物《The Power of Culture》的折扣率。

2018: The Impact of Education Exchange on US-China Relations: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow - East China Normal University 

2017: US-China Relations after the 2016 Elections: Trump, Congress and the Issues - Sichuan University

2016: American Studies Network Weekend- Beijing Foreign Studies University

2015: Locality and Transnationality: New Approaches to Understanding US-China Relations - Peking University

2014: Culture and US Relations with China and World-Zhejiang University 

2013: Transnational Currents of US-China Relations: The 10th Anniversary of the American Studies Network in China - Hong Kong University

2012: America: 2012 Elections and Beyond - Beijing Foreign Studies University

2011: US Soft Power and Social Equality - Northeast Normal University

2010: The US in Crisis: Financial or Cultural? - Jiangnan University

2009: The Obama Phenomenon: Reassessing our Understanding of America - Beijing Foreign Studies University

2008: America in the Era of Globalization - Sichuan University

2007: The US After September 11: Changes and Continuities - Beijing Foreign Studies University

2006: Bridging the Sino-American Divide - University of Hong Kong

2005: The United States in Times of War and Peace - Yunnan University

2004: First Annual Meeting - Fudan University


  • US Embassy - Beijing
  • US Department of State
  • Henry Luce Foundation
  • Ford Foundation

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Hong Kong