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The Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication has a mission to cultivate new blood for the media industry in this new era. Our students will become the communication agents of the upcoming historical events and eyewitnesses of the new world. Our graduates are a group of news media practitioners with strong theoretical and practical educations. They are bilingual (Chinese and English), new media literate, and cognizant of the world’s international horizons. They can serve at the news frontlines in print, broadcasting and new media.

Our school is home to a world-class faculty. Professors come from prominent media organizations and possess outstanding professional experience. The school also routinely hosts special lectures and seminars by respected visiting professors, practicing reporters and editors. This is a faculty well placed to act as mentors and guides to local and global journalists.
The Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication has first-rate facilities, such as a digital broadcast studio, computerized editing lab, new media lab and a special training center in Beijing. The school collaborates with CCTV, Shanghai Wei-Huwang Media Groups, Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV and others in Hong Kong, and provide students with special opportunities for internships and practical experience.

Our students study state-of-the-art communication theory, foreign languages, production skills with new media technology, as well as independent thinking. Students have opportunities to participate in exchange programs and advanced studies in China and overseas.

Cheung Kong J-school students are the journalists and communicators who will lead a mission to serve China’s new age. Through the strong support of the Li Ka Shing Foundation, the school provides career planning and development as well as unique opportunities.


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  • Cheung Kong School of Journalism & Communication

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243 Daxue Road, Shantou

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Zhao Wuming

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Zhu Wang

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Program Director(s)

  • Yuenying Chan 陈婉莹

Other Details

Courses Offered:

English courses:
Introduction to English-language Journalism, Basic English-language News Writing, Intermediate English News Writing, Introduction to International Journalism

Bilingual Courses:
Media English Translation, Introduction to Sports Journalism

Chinese Courses:
Advanced News Reporting and Writing, Introduction to Communication Studies, Communication Research Methods, Journalism Law and Ethics, News and Arts Photography, News Editing, Media Management, Documentary Production, International News, Broadcasting Journalism History, Advanced TV News Reporting and Writing, Introduction to Broadcasting Journalism, News Reporting and Writing