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Program Description

The College of Literature and Journalism of Sichuan University was founded in 1998, combining the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Department of Journalism.

Throughout the school’s development, we have aimed to train high-level personnel, create a well-established undergraduate education, focused on cultivating graduates, supplemented by other education structures. The college administration attaches great importance to fostering students’ academic groundings and abilities, hosting a series of academic forums, inviting numbers of famous scholars both home and abroad. DR Forums given by top PhD candidates and Classics Forums given by top Master degree candidates and undergraduates are hosted every semester. Encouraging undergraduate to create literary works, the college has also sponsored two literature publications: Qidian and Qingtong.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • College of Literature and Journalism

School Address

3rd Floor, Social Science Building
29 Wangjiang Road, Wuhou District
Sichuan 610064

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Ke Ze 柯泽

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86-23-67453289, 86-13983189290

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Program Faculty

There is a talented staff of 132 members in the College of Literature and Journalism—43 professors, 24 associate professors, 24 tutors of doctoral candidates, among whom there are 2 distinguished professors of Humanities and Arts of Sichuan University, 1 Cheung Kong Scholar, 1 committee member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 1 committee member of National Social Science Fund, 1 National Outstanding Teacher, 1 member of Social Sciences Commission of the Ministry of Education, 2 vice chairmen of the Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 5 supported by Trans-Century Training Program Foundation for the Talents or Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents by the State Education, 10 leading scholars of Sichuan Province, and 7 grantees of Special Subsidies by the State Council.

Undergraduate Programs

The college consists of 6 departments—Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Comparative Literature and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Department of Journalism, Department of Advertising, Department of Broadcasting, Film & TV, Department of Mass Communication as well as 15 research institutes such as Institute for Minority Chinese Culture, Institute of Chinese Language and Literature, and Institute of Journalism.

Bachelor’s degrees:
Chinese Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Journalism, Mass Communication, Advertising, Editing and Publishing

Other Details

The library is equipped with a reference books room, a circulation room, and an academic journals room with about 100 thousand books in the college library. Over 400 pieces of teaching equipment are in service in 6 labs, covering over 100 square meters.