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The Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication (TSJC) was founded in April 2002. The school is pleased to have Professor Jingyi Fan, a notable former editor-in-chief of People’s Daily, to act as the first Dean of the school.

The Program’s predecessors were Communication Studies in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature established in 1985, and the Department of Communications set up in 1998. The TSJC school motto is “Build the Foundation, Put in Practice, Embrace the Mainstream, Nurture the Talent”. Our advisory board consists of respected scholars and experts in the industry, and strives to maintain Chinese characteristics whilst further promoting the development of Chinese teaching and research in journalism and communication to an international standard.

TSJC is developing rapidly. In the most recent national research assessment we earned top 3 ratings for journalism and communication studies in China. Our faculty consists of professors with diverse backgrounds, experienced in working and teaching in both China and overseas. TSJC has 9 research centers in different related aspects. Through master programs, different levels of training and charity work, the school offers continuing education for government officials, the media and corporations.

TSJC offers programs for undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral levels. A quarter of total students are from overseas. Our students are well equipped in studying journalism and communication theories, reporting, international affairs and information technology. Our graduates have pursued career in media industry, government departments, tertiary education institutions and international corporations. Numerous TSJC alumni received media related awards.


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  • School of Journalism and Communication

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1 Qinghuayuan, Haidian District

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Graduate Programs

MA in Journalism studies:
Journalism Studies
International Journalism and Communication
News Writing and Reporting in English

MA in Communication Studies:
Film and Television Studies
New Media Studies
Media Operation and Management

Global Business Journalism (MA) was set up in 2007 and has attracted many overseas students to the course. This program is sponsored by ICFJ, Merrill Lynch and Deloitte. Bloomberg also donated a terminal laboratory and accounts.