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Xiamen University was the first school in China to offer a journalism major in 1922. It established the Journalism and Communication Department in 1983, which was expanded to the School of Journalism and Communication in 2007. The School includes the Journalism Department, Advertising Department, Communication Research Institute, Brand Names and Advertising Research Institute, and the Studio for Television and Film. Among the 43 teachers and 21 administrators are 12 professors and 15 associate professors. The School also offers positions for distinguished domestic and foreign professors every year.

The School values its relations with colleges, universities and research institutes in the US, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and has initiated extensive cooperative programs. To support the practical disciplines of advertising and journalism, the School continues to work hand in hand with domestic media and advertising companies. Cooperation with foreign media and companies is also on the way.

Participating Departments or Schools

  • School of Journalism and Communication

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School of Journalism and Communication, Xiamen University

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Huang Xingmin 黄星民

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Program Director(s)

  • Zhang Mingqing 张铭清

Undergraduate Programs

Foundation courses include: Introduction to Communication Theory, Introduction to Journalism, Introduction to Public Relations, Introduction to New Media, Mass Communication Law and Ethics, Research Methods in Communication Studies, History of Western Journalism, Media Criticism, Media Management

Journalism Photography, English News Translation and Editing, Introduction to International Communication, News Commentary, Comprehensive News English, English News Writing, Contemporary International Media, Intercultural Communication

TV Commentary Writing, Television Arts, Principles of Radio and Television System, TV Editing, Television Videotaping, Interviewing Techniques for Television News, Television Lighting, Documentary Production, Audio Production and Editing

Comprehensive Introduction to Advertising, Applied Statistics, Marketing, Visual Design in Advertising, Advertising Photography, Advertising Psychology, Advertising Design, Advertising Copywriting, Introduction to Branding, Market Research

Media History, Public Speaking, Persuasion and Communication, Comprehensive Journalism Skills, Organizational Communication, History of Rhetoric, Practical Public Relations, Introduction to Communication of Ancient China, Rhetorical Criticism, Intercultural Communication.

Graduate Programs

PhD Program:
Courses offered:
Frontiers of Communication Research, Classics of Communication Research, Frontiers of Advertising Research, Classics of Advertising Research

Advertising History, Brand Names and Advertising, Communication and Social Development, Taiwan Media, Communication in China, Documentaries, Digital Media, the Development of Art

Postgraduate Programs:

Journalism MA
History of Chinese Communication, Studies of Mass Communication Theory, Communication Research, Journalism Theory, Practical Journalism, Online News Studies, Documentary Film Studies, Documentary Production, TV News Studies, Introduction to Critical Communication Theory, Mass Communication Law, Arts of Film and Television

Communication MA
History of Media, Communication Theory, Advertising Research, Research Methods, Advertising Theory, Researches on Public Relations, Practical Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Speech Communication, Advertising Psychology, Analytical Methods of Statistics, Brand Image, Media Management, Visual Studies, Cross-cultural Communication